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I had no idea that blood was considered a medicine and that using it is so complicated. So I learned something yesterday. Randi had her transfusion, and they ran 13 different tests on her blood before starting. And she is "easy", being O+. She got two units, and it took almost 5 hours. I got some reading done, but not as much as I'd like, as I was interrupted often. On the plus side, Randi's improvement in color and energy have been impressive.

We still have a way to go with this, since she's only at 9 and 12 is normal, and we don't know what's causing the anemia. Although Randi suspects it's from all those years on the blood thinner, and I agree with her (it is a possibility, we were told), we have to be sure. So we've got at least one more doctor's visit to get through.