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I thought we were all done with busy-ness here. I got my loose teeth pulled. We both had our semi-annual check-ups. Physical therapy ended yesterday. I got my new glasses. I got my picture taken for an author photo. Thanksgiving. Nano (I didn't win). All done. Now we can rest, relax, and I can write. Right?

Nope. Randi's blood work from Wednesday showed her hemoglobin at 7 (normal is 12), which is a dangerous anemic state. So we spent all morning in the emergency room, where we went per the doctor's insistence, and tomorrow she has to get a transfusion, which takes 4 or 5 hours. We aren't alarmed, since she has no symptoms except mild shortness of breath when she does something that's at all strenuous, and gastrointestinal bleeding is ruled out. The likely villain is the doctor who kept her on blood thinner for 5 years.

(Just to whine, after a few hours of running around to the ER, etc., I then had to do the grocery shopping. Oh well.)