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I dreamt about Rose again this morning. Very simple dream. I went outside to feed the horses (in the dream, The Black was still here), and I found Rose in one of the stalls, placidly munching hay. She looked over her shoulder at me, casual, and went back to eating.

Randi says she's trying to comfort me. If so, it's working.

Date: Aug. 25th, 2018 04:37 pm (UTC)
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I'm really glad you're having these comforting dreams. I do believe Rose is reaching out to you, letting you know that she's content and okay. I find it interesting that The Black has been with her. Were they close? At any rate, I think it indicates that The Black has welcomed her to the Great Beyond, and is perhaps keeping an eye on her until she gets accustomed to being there. It's nice that she's being accompanied by a horse that she, and you, know.

On a somewhat related note, after Kenshin died, when he visited me in dreams, he was always accompanied by a black cat, one I didn't know. It appeared that the black cat was guiding him, perhaps watching over him. I haven't dreamed about him lately, although I think of him every day, but in my early dreams, I could not touch him or pick him up, as I wanted, but he always made eye contact with me, and I felt that he was trying to comfort me. The black cat would wander away while he communicated with me, but it always came back, and I got the distinct feeling that it was indicating to Kenshin that "visitation time is up for now - come on, we have other business to attend to."